Sunday, 20 November 2022

Farnborough & The Frog Box

 A few weeks ago I mentioned Bob Kett (of fame) was taking over my Warrior Napoleonic collection, including the Frogbox of Delights. We were originally going to meet at an NT property, but my dodgy back scuppered that. Seeing Warfare approaching, I suggested we meet up there and I’m jolly pleased we did! Had a thoroughly enjoyable time catching up with Bob in person and wandering around the show.

I didn’t take photos, but the quality of the games was very high, in particular the Rapid Fire Carentan game (Bob grabbed the last copy of Reloaded from a nearby stall…). I managed to score a couple of bargains (four TT Combat sprays for £20) but otherwise kept to window shopping. The Farnborough venue was a massive improvement over the Rivermead centre with ample parking, room to move around and more than one toilet… All in all, a credit to the organisers: they even arranged a sunny weekend in November!

Warfare was the first show I ever attended in 1983 - Reading Town Hall, I think - when Miniature Wargames was only a few issues old and I had not had a single driving lesson. Things have changed a bit! But at least I’ve achieved one thing on my bucket list and boosted the mojo.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on Bob’s blog as he ploughs through the Frogbox…



  1. It was a fun day, thank you for suggesting it. I agree with your comment regarding the quality of the displays and the venue.

    I keep opening those boxes of Warrior figures and admire the wonderful paintwork. They will be in action soon.

  2. I was going to ask, are these the same Warrior miniatures produced in Glasgow and used to retail at about £20 for an army of 100 figures....but a quick visit to Bobs site confirmed, they are indeed! I had a batch of the French....have to admit, I have no nostalgic feelings whatsoever for that style of figure......but they must be doing something right, as I see they are still in production, over forty years after I purchased my "army"! (I was able to flog mine off to someone in NZ a couple of decades back and used the proceeds to fund some nice Front Rank figures!)

    1. By contrast, I hate the Front Rank style! 🤣 But yes, Warrior enabled many people to kick off Napoleonic 25mm. I bought my first Austrian Army in 1985, when my wages were £4035 a year (pre tax) and half of it spent on travelling to work! So £11.95 for an army of grown up metal figures was just the ticket.