Monday, 8 August 2022

More Sad News

 I was hoping to publish something uplifting following Bernard Cribbins, but life doesn’t seem to be that way at the moment with two losses from my youth.

Judith Durham

I was only two when The Seekers split up, but this album was in the family collection, as was Morningtown Ride which my parents had to play repeatedly to get me to sleep! I always loved this album cover: for me it was the epitome of summer, or perhaps just a fleeting glimpse of what we all wish summer to be. With Judith’s voice on the soundtrack.

Roger E Mosley

TC from Magnum PI. Apparently, he was told to do the pilot show and enjoy the break in Hawaii but not to expect a series because ‘Tom Selleck pilots always fail’. As Mosley put it “eight and half years later…”. Mosley didn’t want TC to be a stereotype or marginal, so ensured the writers kept the character educated and clean living so he’d be a role model to kids. I think he succeeded.


  1. Sad news indeed. They’re all falling off their perches at the moment. Great album too.

  2. I know of the Seekers and probably would recognise some of their songs but don't really know much more. I do remember TC although would have had no idea who the actor was. It's a generational thing grandfather used to make a trip to his home town every year but eventually said he probably would not bother again. When asked why, he replied that he knew more people in the cemetery than in the town....!

  3. That's sad. I loved the Seekers as a wee nipper.
    Sadly, you can add Olivia Newton-John now.

  4. If the adage of famous people dieing in 3s is true then that should wrap it up for now. Don’t know the seekers but do know magnum PI from watching it with my mother…😀

  5. Seems like hardly a week goes by without an icon from my childhood/youth passing away....